Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something Happened on the Way to Sanity

Sometimes you have a day when you have to laugh to keep from crying. I recently had one of those days.

It began innocently enough. Kevin went out of town to a fishing tournament and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with the kiddos with no real plan of action. That may have been my first mistake. ha ha

Cut to Saturday morning. I needed to clean the house and told the kids I would take them to the park in the afternoon. In the meantime, Hannah is hungry so I do what any nutrition-concerned mother would do...I make macaroni. :) While cleaning the kitchen a little while later, I think to myself "Self, let's not throw out the leftover macaroni, someone will be hungry in just a few minutes and we can heat up this macaroni". Yes, I always address myself as self. So, while I am cleaning the stove top, I place the entire pot into the sink thinking that I will put it in the fridge when I am finished wiping everything off. I move on to the living room completely forgetting about the pot of macaroni in the sink. In just a few minutes, as if on cue, one of the kiddos is hungry. Perfect, I think, I will zap the mac and cheese in the microwave and commence with cleaning. As I get to the sink I notice that a certain four year old someone who shall remain nameless has pulled a chair over to the sink and has stuffed macaroni down the drain. Apparently she knew I was on my way to the kitchen because she stopped in the middle of it and ran for cover. While I am cleaning this mess, Tyler is saying how starved he is and doesn't think he can survive until I make another pot of macaroni. I put more macaroni on to cook and I hear Sarah say (in her very loud and very annoying sing song way) "Mo-um, come see what Hannah di-ud". I stop digging macaroni out of the sink and run to the living room. Hannah runs in the other direction (a sure sign of guilt) and I see the television with crayon marks from one end to the other. Seriously? Seriously? Can this really happen all at once? I begin to try to get the crayon marks off with wet paper towels because I think I read somewhere not to use cleaners on our TV. Doesn't work by the way but Magic Eraser did the trick. Anyhow, while I am freaking out that Big Daddy is going to flip when he gets home and trying desperately to remove the marks, I begin to smell something foul from the kitchen. Yep, forgot all about the cooking macaroni. It had boiled all of the water out of it and the noodles were black and stuck to the pan on the bottom. The smell was like burnt popcorn times 100. Bad. Bad, I tell you.

I finally threw up my hands, hit the McDonald's drive-thru and took the kids to the park. Who needs a clean house, anyway?