Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa is Real

This poem was recited by my grandfather every year on Christmas Eve. It has such great meaning. My pap suffers from Alzheimer's so the fact that he remembered this one last time for us to write it down is a gift from God. I just thought I would share it.

My brother, he got peeved at me. He hit me, too he did.
He said "You don't know very much, you're just a silly kid.
Why do you believe in Santa Claus and all such silly stuff?"
I went right to mother; I sure did call his bluff!
She said, "Sure there is a Santa, he's as real as real can be.
He's as real as faith, hope, love, kindness, and charity.
Just because you cannot see him, doesn't prove him to be untrue.
You can't see love either, but you know your mother loves you."

Isn't that the greatest????


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