Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 Cat Heads

Okay, I realize it has been 972,567 years since my last post. Who cares, Ambria is the only person who reads this anyway. :) HA

I have two funny stories courtesy of my daughters that I do not want to forget so what better way to remember than to put them on the internets for the world to see. Ha Ha, I am cracking myself up today.

Story 1:

Tuesday was the 100th day of school and Sarah brought home a little book that was all about 100. In this book, the teachers asked her three questions and recorded her answers. They are as follows:

If I had 100 friends, I would: ___play____.
If I had 100 pencils, I would: ____write____.
If I had 100 legs, I would: ____keep them____.
HA HA This kills me, she would keep them. How funny is that?

Story 2:

Watching American Idol last night, we saw a particular girl and I said to Kevin “I swear that girl is a crack head.” About 10 minutes later this same girl gets on stage to perform and Hannah, acting all grown up says: “I swear that girl is a cat head.”
I just couldn't help but to crack up and then procede to call everyone who got on stage after that a "cat head".

After writing this I am thinking telling the world that I call people crack heads in front of my small children is probably not a very nice thing. But, once again, I don't think Ambria will mind. hehe

My kids are So funny! I just love those little punks!!

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